Kinder Circus

We teach young children a range of circus skills and games in a safe, fun, non-competitive environment.

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What our students think...

"Kinder Circus is the best thing in the whole world".

Angus, Age 3

What parents have to say...

"Kinder Circus is unlike any ohter class we've participated in. It is an hour of fun and there are new and creative activities every week. The instructors are passionate, enthusiastic and skilled. My daughtyer asks when are we coming back minutes after we finish the class. Suddenly my shy little girl is flying through the air".

Annette, Imogen's mum.

"Tannah has always been quite cautious and unsure with physical activity. Kinder Circus has really brought her out of her shell. Kinder Circus has done wonders for her confidence and strength. Not to mention it is just play fun."

Shae, Tannah's mum.

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