Kinder Circus

We teach young children a range of circus skills and games in a safe, fun, non-competitive environment.

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The children will develop body awareness, self-confidence and independence while playing with others.

Activities such as tight wire handstands and tumbling create spatial awareness that assists in the development of hand-eye coordination.


Kinder Circus focuses on the core elements of gymnastics teaching balance, timing while building strength.

The activities include cartwheels, handstands forward and backward rolls.

The classes are designed for maximum participation to ensure each child progresses to the best of their ability.


Kinder Circus uses trapeze, aerial ring, tissue, web and straps to develop the children's aerial awareness.

The children learn to climb and maintain their position in a safe manor. They also swing through the air on Tarzan ropes and rope ladders.

Circus Training

The Kinder Circus program uses games where the children work closely with each other.

Often the children rely on their partners for balance or assist each other in achieving the goal.

Working as a team and following instructions is an essential part of the learning process. Activities such as hula hoop, acro-balance and pyramids are class favourites.

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What parents have to say...

"Tannah has always been quite cautious and unsure with physical activity. Kinder Circus has really brought her out of her shell. Kinder Circus has done wonders for her confidence and strength. Not to mention it is just plain fun".

Shae, Tannah's mum