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We teach young children a range of circus skills and games in a safe, fun, non-competitive environment.

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Daily Telegraph

February 11,2011 8:00pm

Perfect release for tiny performers

TRAPEZE artist Heather Tetu and acrobat Matt Hughes met when they were pint-sized performers in the Flying Fruit Fly Circus.
Now, the couple are passing on the tricks of the trade to the next generation with their Kinder Circus program for juniors daredevils.

Aimed at the children three to five years old, the program teaches circus skill that encourage co-ordination, balance and self-confidence.

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Heather Tetu & Marta enjoying Kinder Circus

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What parents have to say...

"Tannah has always been quite cautious and unsure with physical activity. Kinder Circus has really brought her out of her shell. Kinder Circus has done wonders for her confidence and strength. Not to mention it is just plain fun".

Shae, Tannah's mum